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Section I Use of English

1C. warning

2A. Inequality

3D. Prediction

4A. characterized

5B. meaning

6B. Indeed

7C. working

8A. explanation

9D. among

10C. worry about

11C. necessarily


13A. absence

14D. yield

15C. virtue

16D. scarce

17A. demands

18B. tired

19D. into

20B. Professional

Section II Reading Comprehension


Text 1

21. A gained great popularity

22. B promote sport participation

23. C does not emphasize elitism

24. D invest in public sports facilities

25. B critical

Text 2

26. B absorb user attention

27. D reduces mother-child communication

28. D parentsneed to respond to children’s emotional needs

29. C ensure constant interaction with theirchildren

30. A give their parents some free time

Text 3

31. C it feels strange to do differently fromothers

32. D relieve freshmen of pressures

33. A adaptation

34. D decide on the right major

35. A In Favor of the Gap Year

Text 4

36. B consumed a record-high percentage ofbudget

37. D guarantee safer spending of publicfunds

38. C other factors should not be overlooked

39. D understand the interrelations of manand nature

40. B come to terms with

Part B

41. [E] says that for factory owners, workersare harder to find because of stiff competition.

42. [A] says that he switched to electricalengineering because he loves working with tools.

43. [G] says that the manufacturing recessionis to blame for the lay-off the young people’s parents.

44. [B] pointsout that there are enough people to fill the jobs that don’t need much skill.

45. [F] points out that a work/life balancecan attract young people into manufacturing.

Section III Translation

46. 参考译文



My dream has always been to worksomewhere /in an area /between fashion and publishing.


Two years before /graduating fromsecondary school, /I took a sewing and design course /thinking /that I wouldmove on to a fashion design course.


However, /during that course /I realized/that I was not good enough in this area to compete with other creativepersonalities in the future, /so I decided that it was not the right path forme.


Before applying for university /I toldeveryone /that I would study journalism, /because writing was, /and still is,/one of my favorite activities.


But, /to be honest, /I said it, /becauseI thought that /fashion and me together was just a dream — /I knew that /noone could imagine me in the fashion industry at all!


So I decided to look for some fashionrelated course /that included writing. /This is when I notice Fashion Media& Promotion.



Dear Prof. Williams,

I really appreciate your invitation and I ammore than happy to accept your request. I am writing this letter for thepurpose of presenting the major issues in my presentation.

First of all, I would like to introduce thehistory of Chinese culture, including the ideas of ancient philosophers, thepoems of Tang Dynasty, and famous novels in Qing Dynasty. Over the course ofthousands of years, we Chinese people have created our own unique culture.Secondly, the contemporary situation will be discussed. The Internet hasbrought more and more western cultures to China and children are more likely tobe exposed in the western cultures.

Thank you very much again for your kindnessand I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Yours sincerely

Li Ming


This line chart provides some interestingdata regarding the change in number of museums and the number of visitors tomuseums from 2013 to 2015. Obviously, the number of museums rises graduallyfrom 4165 to 4692, whereas the number of visitors to museums increasesdramatically from 637.8 million to 781.1 million.

Several reasons could explain this excitingsocial phenomenon. When it comes to the surging number of visitors to museums,the primary factor lies in the educational system. A growing number of schoolsnowadays are attaching much importance to the study of history and culture. Asa consequence, students are more likely to visit museum to gain a deepunderstanding of their cities. Moreover, this situation could be seen as theresult of expanding tourism. More and more tourists from far and near arecoming to Chinese cities for their holiday. With the help of museum, they canhave a different experience and know much more about the place they visit. Asregards to the increasing number of visitors, I certainly believe thatgovernment policy contributes greatly to the increasing number of museum andthey understand museum is the past and present of a city and a country.

As regards to this social tendency, I believeit is inspiring and positive. As this trend is still in its infancy, we believeit will no doubt go further and lead to future prospect.


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