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商务英语(BEC)中级考试历年真题(1)Fighting Fit

  Fine Fitness, the health and fitness cluboperator, announced an impressive set of resultsyesterday: (19) a 38-per-cent jump in annual pre-tax profits, the company claimed that it had (20)none of the problems (21) last week by its rival, TopFit .According to Samantha Collier,the chiefexecutive, Fine Fitness (22) strong and is on (23) toreach its target of 100 clubs within three years, itsstrategy unaffected by the apparent (24) down ofthe economy.

The company opened 12 new clubs in the past year; (25) its total to 51. They have (26) tobe highly successful, with people joining in large numbers, especially in the 25-to-40 age range.Even the more (27) clubs are still seeing sales growth, along with rising retention (28) of morethan 70 per cent. This can be seen as clear (29) of the appeal of Fine Fitness.

Ms Collier admitted that as there were (30) too many companies competing with oneanother; there would almost certainly be (31) in the health-and-fitness-club sector of themarket She predicted that, within a relatively short time, there might be only about threemajor companies still in (32).However, she declined to say which these were likely to be.

Profits rose by £6.3 million, although there was a fall in gross margins from 31 per cent to28.6 per cent because of higher insurance premiums, extra management costs and start-upexpenses for the company’s new (33) in Spain.

19 A Stating B Reporting C Remarking D Informing

20 A taken B felt C experienced D caught

21 A released B issued C opened D revealed

22 A stays B remains C maintains D keeps

23 A track B direction C way D line

24 A falling B breaking C cutting D slowing

25 A bringing B putting C getting D mounting

26 A shown B resulted C proved D demonstrated

27 A installed B formed C established D confirmed

28 A rates B standards C proportions D volumes

29 A witness B sign C display D evidence

30 A purely B merely C simply D barely

31 A union B consolidation C alliance D combination

32 A trade B office C commerce D business

33 A trial B venture C proposal D speculation


19题,一句话包含三个空,联系在一起做。昨天开会,宣布了一系列结果。报告税前收益增长了38%,公司并没有经历它的竞争对手所暴露的问题。19题选report,20题experienced,21题,revealed by itsrival,被竞争对手暴露的问题。

22题,remains strong保持强劲;单看单词的意思,貌似keep也可以(不过说实话,如果不是有同学提醒,我压根想不到会填keep)联系此句上下文,提到了在对手出现问题时这个公司表现依然强劲remain在英文词典的解释是:continue to exist, especially after other similar or related people or things haveceased to exist 在相似或者相关人和事出现状况时仍然存在,所以,remain更符合这个题目的条件

23题,on track 步入正轨。公司正在实现目标的正道上。这个词在其他完型也出现过,不过不是正确答案。

24题,slow down放缓,固定用法。经济放缓。

25题,bring to,使总数达到51,这个题怕是要靠语感。put肯定不对,get to到达,mount在这里用法不对。

26题,proved to be证明是,固定用法

27题,这里填入的词要和前文对照,前面说新开了12家新的俱乐部,这里的空格前有个even和more,所以应该是填入与new相对应的词。established是已确立的(If you use established to describesomething such as an organization, you mean that it is officially recognized or generallyapproved of because it has existed for a long time. )

28题,retention rate保留率,专有名词(Retained earnings divided by total after-tax earnings,expressed as a percentage),指公司税后收益所保留的那一部分。

29题,公司吸引力的证据。clear evidence明显的证据。不选sign,sign只是迹象。

30题,simply修饰too many从用法和意思上都对,在这里就是表强调的,意思是公司太多了。

31题,consolidation强化、合并(To consolidate a number of small groups or firms means tomake them into one large organization.),有很多的公司相互竞争,所以需要进行一个整合。这是商英里的固定说法。

32题,in business在经营。是说很快这个市场上的公司会淘汰的只剩下三个。



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