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1.about 熟义:关于

We spent the whole afternoon walking about town.prep.&adv.到处=(美)around

2. absent 熟义:adj. 缺席的

He looked at me in an absent way. adj. 茫然的,恍惚的

3. abuse 熟义:v  滥用,谩骂

She is quite a successful career woman, but actually she s much abused at home. v. 虐待

4.accept vt.&vi.①同意(接受别人的观点,看法)(熟义:接受)

Tom accepted her explanation.汤姆同意她的解释。


I accept that the aircraft has no choice but to crash into the sea.飞机只有坠入大海,别无他法,我只好认命了。

5. accommodate 熟义:住宿,留宿

This hotel can accommodate more than 5oo guests. vt 容纳

He accommodated me when I asked him for help. v. 准予,提供

6. ache 熟义:v/n  疼痛

He was aching for home. v. 渴望

7.act  vi.熟义:行动

It takes a couple of minutes for the drug to act.(vi.起作用) 只需几分钟,药物就起作用了。

8. acknowledge  熟义:vt. 承认,道谢

He acknowledged me by lifting his hat. vt. 对…打招呼

9. across  熟义: prep. 越过

The two roads cut across each other. prep. 与…交叉,与…成十字

10. advance 熟义:v/n  前进,推进

she asked me for an advance on her salary. n. 预付(款)

Share prices showed significant advances today. n. 增加

11.add  熟义:加

“They don t know.”he added.vt.接着说,又说;补充说

12.address vt.①称呼(熟义:地址,写地址)

The president should be addressed as“Mr President.”总统应称为“总统先生”。


She turned to address the man on her left.她转身过去,向她左边的那人讲话。

He is going to address the meeting in a minute.他一会儿就要在大会上讲话了。

It is said that our headmaster will address the meeting. vt. 向…发表演说

13.admit vt.(熟义:承认)

The servant opened the door and admitted me(into the house).允许进入

The theatre only admits 1,000 persons.容纳

14. against (熟义:反对,违背)

The picture looks good against the white wall.prep.衬着,迎着,靠着

15. age 熟义:n, 年龄

Worry aged him rapidly.  v. 使变老

16. agree with (熟义:同意)

Your story agrees with what I heard.与……一致

Long plane trips don t agree with me.协调,适合

17.air (熟义:n.空气)

Don t air your troubles too often. v. 抒发;倾诉;传播)不要经常发牢骚。

There was a comfortable air about her room. n. 样子,神态,气氛

18. alive  熟义:adj. 活着的

The street are alive with people.  adj. 充满(活的或动的东西)

19. alone  熟义:adv. 单独地,一个人地

She alone was able to answer the question. adv. 仅仅,只有

20. amount  熟义:n. 量

The cost amounted to $ 2000. v. 达到,共计

What you have said amounts to a refusal. 相当于

21. announce 熟义:宣布

Warm sunshine announces the coming of spring. vt. 显示,预告

22. appreciate  熟义:v. 欣赏,感激,感谢

I appreciate that I may be wrong.  v. 意识到=realize

We appreciate the danger ahead.  v. 意识到

23. arrival  熟义:n. 到达

All stood up to welcome the new arrival. n. 到达的人或事物

24. at all(熟义:常与not连用,构成not at all:不用谢,一点也不。)

If it is at all foggy,I shall not go out.真的,确实

This is the first time that I have ever been abroad at all.真的,确实

25. arm (熟义:n.手臂)

Lay down your arms or we ll fire! n.武器v.武装

26. attend (熟义:出席)

Dr.Parialal Lal attends him.vt.&vi.看护,治疗

If you go out,who ll attend to the baby?如果你走了,谁来照看婴儿?

The nurse attended to him day and night.  v. 看护;治疗

27. arrange  熟义: v. 安排;整理

I ve arranged with the neighbours about filling the manager s job. v. 商量

28. arrest  熟义:vt. 逮捕

The new medicine arrested the spread of the disease. vt. 停止,阻止

29. assume  熟义:vt. 假定,以为

He will assume the directorship of the project.  vt. 担任

30. absolute 熟义:adj; 完全的,绝对的

The police have absolute proof that he was the murderer.  adj. 确切的

31. accompany 熟义:vt. 陪伴,伴奏

Strong winds accompanied the heavy rain. v.伴随

32. account for 熟义: 解释说明…的原因;占…比例

His illness accounts for his absence. 因为

33. aggressive  熟义:adj. 好斗的,侵略的

If he wants to succeed, he has to be aggressive. adj. 进取的

34. alike  熟义:adj/adv. 想象地;相似的

Teachers should care for all the pupils alike. adv. 同样地

35. allergic 熟义:adj. 过敏的

I am allergic to those who could not give help.adj. 对…十分厌恶

36. allow 熟义:v. 允许

This diet allows you one glass of wine a day.vt.使可能

37. ample  熟义:adj. 足够的,丰裕的

That you stay abroad will give you ample chances to learn a new language. adj. 广泛的

38. aspect 熟义:n. 方面

a man with an impressive aspect n. 面貌,外表,样子,外观

39. available  adj.  熟义: adj. 可得到的,可找到的

The worthy professor is now available.(人)有空的

40. advance 熟义: v./n  前进,推进

She asked for an advance on her salary.  n. 预付(款)

Share prices showed significant advances today.    n. 增加

41. advise 熟义: vt. 建议

Please advise us of the arrival of the goods. vt. 通知

42. against  熟义: prep. 逆着,反对;倚,靠,碰

The picture looks nice against the white wall. prep. 映衬


43. balance 熟义: n/v 平衡

I must check my bank balance. n. 差额,余款

The school aims to balance the amount of time spent on arts and science subjects. v. 权衡

44.back (熟义:n.背)

Many of his friends backed his plan.vt.支持

45. badly adv.(熟义:坏)

The boy badly wants a new bike.adv. 迫切

46. bar  熟义:棒,条,吧间

Poor health may be a bar to success in life.  n. 障碍

47. become 熟义:v. 变得,变成

Her new hat certainly becomes her. vt. 适于,适合

48. before conj.才;就(熟义:以前)

It was a long time before I got to sleep again.过了很久我才再睡着。

I hadn t waited long before he came.我没有等多久,他就来了。

49. behaviour  熟义:n. 举止,行为

The behaviour of this computer is moderately good. n. 性能,特点

50. blank 熟义: adj. 空白的 n. 空白

The stranger returned my greeting with a blank look. adj. 没表情的,空虚的,没兴趣的

I can t think where I ve left my umbrella; my mind s a complete blank. n.记忆中的空白,遗忘

51. blue 熟义:adj/n  蓝色

His songs always make me feel blue.adj. 忧伤的

52. beside 熟义:prep. 在…旁边

Beside your earlier work ,this piece seems rather disappointing. prep. 与…相比

53. build 熟义:v. 建设

The athlete has a solid build. n. 身材,体形

54. bare 熟义:adj. 裸露的

He likes to bare his heart/soul with his close friends. vt. 向某人袒露心声

55. bear 熟义:vt. 忍受,容忍

He was badly wounded in the war and still bears the scars. v. 显示,带有

56. bitter 熟义: adj. 苦的,痛苦的

Why was she so bitter against Mr. Smith? adj. 强烈的(…如此强烈反对…)

57. blanket 熟义: n. 毯子

The whole village was blanketed with heavy snow. vt.以厚层覆(译:… 覆盖着厚厚的雪)

58. break down[熟义:(机器等)坏了]

All our plans broke down.(计划)失败,坚持不下去。

59. bring (熟义:带来)

The cries brought the neighbours running.v.引起

60. build (熟义:v.修建)

The football player has a solid build.n.身材,体型

61. build up 熟义: 建立,增强…体质

The noise is building up until she could not stand it. 增高,加强 62. burst 熟义:v. 使爆炸,破裂

The storm burst and we all got wet. v.突然爆发

63. bond  熟义:v. 使牢固结合 adj. 一定会

I don t like being desk-bound all day. adj. 受…约束

Mothers who are depressed sometimes fail to bond with their children. v. 发展或建立信赖和亲切关系

64.burning 熟义:adj. 炽热的

She is burning to tell you the news. adj.感情等强烈的


65. can(熟义:能)

Mother cans fruit.n.罐头vt.做成罐头

66. capital 熟义: n. 首都,首府;资本

Our capital task at the moment is to persuade her to calm down. adj. 极严重的,根本的

67.cause ( 熟义:n.起因,v.引起)

The UN has done a lot for the cause of world peace.联合国为世界和平事业做了许多贡献。

We are struggling for revolutionary cause.  n.事业

68. celebrate 熟义: vt. 庆祝

He celebrated her for her courage. vt. 称颂,赞扬

69.chance (熟义:机会)

There is a chance that I will see him.n.可能性

We chanced to be out when she called.v.碰巧

70. check 熟义:vt. 检查

We should check the spread of the disease. vt. 阻止,制止

71. choice 熟义:n. 选择

Some of his remarks are really choice. adj. 斟酌得当的

72. civil 熟义:adj. 公民的,国内的

He is a civil person. adj. 有礼貌的,彬彬有礼的

73. class  熟义:n. 班级

It is no doubt that the professional classes do a much better job than those who are not. n. 阶级,阶层,等级

74. climate 熟义:n. 气候

The cultural climate here is somehow a little upsetting. n. 风气;思潮;倾向

cloudy 熟义:adj. 阴天的,多云的

Who did it still remains cloudy.  adj. 不明朗的,不清晰的

75. coach 熟义:n. 教练

She coached me in English.  v. 辅导,指导

76. command 熟义: v. 命令,指挥

His bravery commanded our respect.v. 博得,赢得

77. contain 熟义: v. 含有,包含;克制

The man was later contained by the police. v. 制服

He is too excited to contain his laughter. vt. 抑制

78. count 熟义:n/v  计算,数

There are 10 people in the classroom counting two teachers. vt. 包括

It is not how much you read but what you read that counts. vt. 重要,有价值

She was counted among the greatest dancers. vt. 视为,以为

79. couple 熟义:n. 一对,一双;一对夫妇或情侣

The dining car was coupled onto the last coach.  v. 连接,联合  (餐车与最后一节车相连)

80. come back①重新流行②顶嘴③回想起来(熟义:回来)

Do you think long dresses will ever come back?你认为长裙子还会再流行吗?

He came back at her with a nasty remark.他以恶毒的语言回击她。

It s suddenly to come back where I saw you last.突然,我想起上次我在什么地方见过你。

81. come in开始流行;上市;上台执政;承担(任务)(熟义:进来)

This style is certain to come in this year.今年这种款式肯定流行。

If the Workers Party comes in at the next election a lot of industry will be state-owned.如果工人党下届上台执政,许多工业都将收为国有。

Here is the plan of attack,and this is where you come in.这是我们的攻击计划,这是你要执行的任务。

82. come on进行,进展;开始(下雨);上映,上演,举行(熟义:快过来)

How has he come on at school this year?他今年学业进展如何?

The rain has just come on.雨刚开始下。

The next exam comes on in early summer.下次考试将在夏初进行。

83 . come out①出版;②开花;③结果(如何)(熟义:出来)

Everything will come out all right.一切都会好的。

84. company n.有人作伴;伙伴;客人(均为不可数)(熟义:公司)

You may know a man by the company he keeps.你可以从一个人所交的朋友了解他的为人。

He came in company with a group of girls.他是和一群女孩子来的。

85. concert (熟义:音乐会)

86. The various governments decided to act in concert over this matter.各级政府决定互相配合处理此事。

The team made a concerted effort to win the game.n.协作,一致

86. cost vt.使失去(生命、健康等)(熟义:花费;值……)

The patient s dangerous condition cost the doctors and nurses many a sleepless


87. count 熟义:数(数目)

Every minute counts.vi.重要

On the whole she counted herself a fortunate wife.vt.认为

88. cover  熟义:v.走完(一段路),看完(多少页书);涉及;报导,覆盖

Here is £5;that should cover all your expenses.v. 够付(费用)

89. course  熟义: n. 课程,过程

The main course was a vegetable stew. n. 一道菜(译:这道主菜是蔬菜炖肉)

90. cross  熟义: v. 跨越,横穿  n. 十字

Don t be cross with him—after all, he meant to help.  adj. 生气的

91. cut 熟义:vt 砍,割,切

His rude remarks cut me. vt. 伤感情

92. case  熟义: n. 情况,状况

There are three cases of fever in school. n. 病例,案例

93. casual   熟义: adj. 偶然的,随意的

He was employed as a casual labourer. adj. 临时的

94. cater  熟义: v. 为社交活动提供饮食;承办酒席

TV must cater for many different tastes. v. 满足需要,迎合

95. caution 熟义:n. 谨慎

The teacher cautioned him against being late. v.告诫,提醒

96. chance 熟义:n. 机会

She chanced to be in when he called. v. 碰巧

97.choke 熟义: v. 窒息,哽咽

I managed to choke back my tears.v.强忍住,抑制,克制

98. charge 熟义:索价,收费;指控,控告

Mother charged Alice to take good care of the baby. v. 赋予…责任或义务

99. challenge 熟义: v. 挑战

I challenged him to a game of chess. v. 强烈建议干某事

100. clean  熟义:adj. 干净的

I clean forgot about it. adv. 彻底地,完全地

101. company 熟义:n. 公司

You must know a man by the company he keeps. n. 陪伴,做伴,伙伴

102. conduct  熟义: v. 组织,实施,指挥,引导

He conducted himself far better than expected. v. 举止,表现

103. congratulate  熟义: v. 祝贺

I congratulated myself on my escape. v. 为成功感到高兴或自豪,恭喜

104. consume  熟义:vt. 消耗,消费

The fire soon consumed the old wooden buildings in the neighbourhood. vt. 烧毁, 毁灭


105. damage 熟义: v/n  损坏

He claimed $ 7000 damages from the taxi company. n. 赔偿金

106. dash 熟义:v. 猛冲

Being badly ill, he was dashed to hospital. vt. 急送

His mother dashed him into going to school every day.vt. 催促

107.dawn 熟义:n  拂晓,v.  破晓,天亮[来源:学科网]

The truth began to dawn on him. vt.开始明白

108. desert 熟义:n 沙漠

He deserted his wife and children and went abroad. v.抛弃,离弃

We sheltered from the storm in a deserted hut.我们在一间空无人住的茅屋里躲暴风雨。

109. develop 熟义:v. 发展,开发,研制

Did you have the film developed? v. 冲印,冲洗

develop a disease 得病

He developed a cough.他咳嗽起来了。

develop a habit 逐渐形成一个习惯

110. difficult 熟义:adj 困难的

You must get the permission of your difficult mother before getting married.

adj. 难以取悦的,不易满足的

111.deal with①与……做生意;②与……来往③论及(熟义:处理;对付)

Do you deal with Sm ith,the butcher?你与肉商史密斯有生意往来吗?

108. dismiss 熟义:v.  解雇,开除

He just laughed and dismissed my suggestion as unrealistic. vt. 拒绝考虑某人的意观点等[来源:Z#xx#k.Com]

112.do (熟义:做,制作)

The shoes won t do for mountain-climbing.vi.可以,行;够了,

Practice and determination will do wonders.  v. 创造

Everything is doing well.  vi.  进展

113. down 熟义:adv. 向下,在下面

I paid $1000 down on the car. adv.作为首付款

114.draw (熟义:画)

The football match between the Korean team and the American team was so wonderful that it drew a lot of people,though in the end they drew the match.


What moral are we to draw from the story.v. 获得,取得,推断出

115. drive  v. 驾驶

Hunger drove her steal.v. 迫使某人做不好的事

116. delicate  熟义:adj. 精巧的,微妙的,脆弱的

I admired your delicate handling of the situation. adj. 巧妙的

117. deliver 熟义: 递送,传递,发表演说,接生

Only education can deliver people from misery. vt. 解救,拯救,使摆脱

118. deposit 熟义:v. 把钱存入银行

He deposited the book on the desk. vt. 放下,放置[来源:Z&xx&k.Com]

119. divorce 熟义:v. 离婚

You can t divorce science from ethical questions. v.使分离,使脱离。


120. easy (熟义:容易的)

Now we are leading an easy life.adj.舒适的,安分的,轻松的

121. elect 熟义:v. 选举,推选

She elected to become a lawyer. v. 选择/决定做….

122. embarrass 熟义:vt. 使尴尬

What embarrasses your making an early start?  vt. 阻碍

123. employ   熟义:v. 雇佣

The police employed force to open the door. v. 使用,利用

124. engage 熟义:vt. 从事

A personal computer engages his interest now. vt. 吸引

125. escape (熟义:逃走)

His name escaped me for the moment.v.被忘记,一时想不起

126. eat one s words收回前言,认错道歉(切勿望文生义,解为“食言”)

He boasted that he would throw me downstairs;but I made him eat his words.他吹嘘说他要把我抛下楼去,但我叫他收回他的话了。

127. entertain  熟义: vt. 款待

He entertained a belief that his son would rise in the world.vt. 怀有,抱有

128. example (熟义:例子,榜样)

Let this be an example to you.n.警告

129. express(熟义:v.表达)

His express wish was that you should come here by express train.adj.明确的,快的,丝毫不差的;n.快车

130. even 熟义:adv 甚至,更

The road wasn t even. adj.平坦的,平的,平滑的

Her teeth were white and even. adj. 齐的,同样的,一致的

The score is now even. adj.相等的,对等的,均等的

The car went with an even motion. adj. 均匀的,平稳的

She evened the edges by trimming(清理焊缝)them.  vt. 弄平,使平坦

Our team evened the score in the last minute. vt. 使相等

131.excite  熟义:vt. 使激动

The recent discoveries have excited new interest among doctors. vt. 激起

132. excuse 熟义:n 借口 v. 原谅

He was excused from piano practice. vt.免除某人的职务

133. express 熟义:v. 表达

His express wish was that you should come here by air. adj. 明确的

Is there an express from Nanjing to Shanghai? n.快车

134. encourage 熟义:vt. 鼓励,激励

Good health encourages clear thinking. v. 促进,助长,刺激

135. enterprise  熟义: n. 公司,企业单位,事业单位

He got the job because he showed the spirit of enterprise. n. 事业心,进取心

136. escape 熟义:v. 逃跑,逃脱

His name escapes me for the moment.v. 被忘掉,被忽视

137. exit 熟义:v. 出去,离去n. 出口

At the end of the third scene the actress exits. v. 退场

138. explode 熟义:v. 爆炸,爆裂

I m about to explode! He broke my violin.v.勃然大怒,大发雷霆

139. exploit 熟义:v. 开发,开采,剥削

You must exploit every opportunity to learn new things. v.利用

140. extend 熟义:扩大,使扩展,使伸长

He extended his hand to new employees. v. 扩大范围,舒展(手脚)


141.fail (熟义:失败,不及格)

Our water supply failed.我们供水不足了。

He is failing in health/His health is failing.  v. 衰退,衰弱

He failed to lend her a hand.  v. 未能

He never fails to write to his mother every month.他从来不忘记每月写信给他的母亲

142. familiar adj.密切的,亲密(熟义:熟悉)

Are you on familiar terms with Tom?你和Tom交情好吗?

143. family n.子女(熟义:家)

Has he any family?他有子女吗?


The famous film star has no time to deal with the fan mails. n.狂热者,迷,粉丝

145. far from远远不是(熟义:离……远)

The show was far from being a failure; it was a great success.这个秀远远不是失败;而是十分成功的。

146. fashion  熟义:n. 时尚,时装

He behaves in a peculiar fashion. n.方式

147. fast 熟义:adj./adv.  快的/地

His tears fell fast. adv.接连不断,快速不断地

He s fast asleep. adv. =He has a heavy sleep. adv. 完全地

148. fever 熟义:n. 发烧,发热

He is in a fever of her arrival. n.狂热,高度兴奋

149.figure (熟义:n.数字;雕塑,人物)

She figured that she would be next.v.认为,想象

I couldn t figure out what he meant.我不明白他是什么意思。

150.fine  (熟义:adj.好的,晴朗的)

He was fined $200. v.&n.罚款

151. fill 熟义:v. 填满

His answer did not fill our need. vt. 满足

152. find 熟义:vt. 找到

The court found him guilty. vt.判决

153. fine  熟义:adj. 美好的,很棒的,晴朗的

There s a fine distinction between the meanings of the two words.adj. 微妙的

The man will get a fine if he parks the car there. n. 罚款

154. fix 熟义:v. 固定,安装,修理

The extraordinary man fixed our attention. vt. 吸引

155. flood(熟义:洪水)

I received a flood of letters this morning. n.大量的东西;vt.大量而来,充满

156. fond  熟义:adj. 喜欢的,慈爱的,深情的

Fond parents will spoil their child. adj. 溺爱的

157. force  熟义:vt. 强迫

The policeman forced the knife from the criminal s hand. vt. 夺取

158. for every每……就……(表示比例关系)(切勿望文生义)

For every Mr Winter,we have 5 to 10 people that will never be given the chance that Mr Winter was given.我们给了一个(捐赠肝脏)给温特尔先生,那么就有5至10个人得不到温特尔先生所得到的机会。(2002北京春阅读题E篇)

159.for good永远(勿望文生义)

She ll soon leave London for good.她将永远离开伦敦。


The subject is foreign to me.不熟悉;

Telling lies is foreign to her nature. adj.和…格格不入的

161. form 熟义:vt. 形成

I can not form an opinion about it. vt. 想出

162. free没有,免交;远离(常与of连用)(熟义:自由的,有空的)

Most of the roads are free of snow.道路上的雪大部分都已化了。

Is the way free? adj. 畅通的,无阻碍的

163. freeze (熟义:冻结,冻冰)

Freeze!Drop your arms! v.不许动,停止走动

164. fade  熟义:v. 褪色

All memory of her childhood had faded from her mind.v. 逐渐消失

165. fly  熟义:v. 飞,飞翔,飞行 n. 苍蝇

The children flew to meet their mother. v. 疾驰,疾行

166. fresh 熟义:adj. 新鲜的

She is quite fresh to office work. adj. 无经验的

167. follow  v. 跟着;仿效

He followed me a legal career. v. 从事(某职业);遵循(某生活方式)


168. gain  熟义:v. 获得,赢得

Don t worry. My watch gains. We still have time. v. 表走的快

The car gained speed gradually. vt.增加(速度或重量)

169.game (熟义:游戏,比赛)

Are you game to climb the mountain?adj.愿意(去做难而危险之事)的

170. go  熟义:vi. 去,变得

This information goes to prove my point. vi.对…有助

It goes by electricity. vi.机器运行,运转,工作

The sofa can go against the wall.沙发可靠墙安放。

Pink and orange don t go.粉红色与橘色不相配。

He is getting old and his sight is starting to go.他老了,视力也下降了。

171.get away with(熟义:带着……逃跑)

The child ought to be punished.You shouldn t let him get away with telling lies.(做坏事)不受惩罚

172. get back(熟义:回来/去,拿回来/去)

He will get back at you for this. 报复

173. get down写下;使情绪低落,身体虚弱(熟义:下来,使下来)

All this waiting and delay is really getting her down.这漫长的等待与拖延使她疲惫不堪了。

174.get down to着手干某事(勿望文生义)

It s time I got down to marking the papers.是我开始批改试卷的时候了。

175. get off 熟义:下车,离开,动身

I ll have to get this letter off by tonight.今晚我一定得把信寄出去。

I ll pay anything you ask if you manage to get her off.如果你能使她不受惩罚,你要什么我就可以给什么。

176. get on(with)=get along(with)进展(熟义:与……相处)

How are you getting on at university?你在大学情况如何?

177. get through用完;(使)通过(考试、议案)熟义:接通(电话)

He got through £300in a week.他一周就用完了三百英镑。

178. give away泄露(机密);暴露(身份);出卖(朋友)(熟义:赠送)

Please don t give my secret away.请不要泄露我的机密。

179. give out宣布;被用完;运转失灵[熟义:散发(传单)等]

He gave out that he was going to America.他宣布他要去美国。

The fuel gave out.燃料用完了。

180. given(=considering)prep.考虑到(熟义:被给予)

Given the general state of his health,it may take him a while to recover from the operation.从他的总体健康状况来看,可能手术后要一段时间才会恢复。

181.go out熄灭,公开,播放(熟义:出去)

The fire went out.火熄了。

Word went out that the President was dead.总统逝世的消息公开了。

182.as good as差不多,几乎(熟义:与…一样好)

He as good as said I was a liar.他实际上等于说我在说谎。

183. make good成功,补偿, 赔偿(勿望文生义)

All the damage has been made good.所有损失都已赔偿。

He went to Shenzhen,where he soon made good.他去了深圳,在那里不久就成功了

184. grade  熟义:n. 年级

He got excellent grades in exams.  n. 分数,等级

Eggs are grade from small to extra-large.  v. 分等,给分数

185. green  熟义:adj. 绿色的,青的

Greens are vital to our he    lth.  n.(pl      绿色蔬菜

181.ground n.理由(熟义:地面)

He has strong grounds for more money.他完全有理由要更多的钱。

186. garment  熟义:n. 衣服,外衣

In spring nature wears a new garment. n.新衣

187. glare  熟义:v. 怒目而视

The sun glared out of the blue sky. v.发出刺眼的光

188. govern  熟义:v. 管理,控制

The law of supply and demand governs the prices of goods.vt. 影响,支配

189. grow up  熟义:长大,成熟

A warm friendship grew up between the two men. 逐渐发展,形成


190.hand n.帮助,控制(熟义:手)

It s really heavy———can you give me a hand?真的很重——帮一下忙,好吗?

The boys have got out of hand.男孩们变得难以管教了。

191. handsome  熟义:adj. 英俊的,端庄的,美观的

I hope I will get a handsome present at my birthday. adj.大方的,慷慨的

192. heavy 熟义:adj.  重的

193. My father is a heavy smoker. adj. 超出一般规模、数量、力量的

The traffic today is especially heavy. adj. 交通拥挤的

194. height 熟义:n. 高度,身高

In the height of the summer many people choose to visit the seaside. n. 顶点,极度

195.happen  v.碰巧=chance(熟义:发生)

It happened that the new person in the office was the woman he had met at the party.办公室新来的妇女碰巧是他在那次晚会上见到的那个妇女。

196.head  v.动身去(熟义:头)

The ship was heading for Shanghai.这艘船开往上海。

197.help (熟义:帮助) 生义:避免;抑制

Don t tell him more than you can help.不要把不该告诉他的话告诉他。

198.high adj.正盛的;开始有臭味的(熟义:高的)

a high wind强风;high summer盛夏

The meat has a high flavour.这些肉有臭味了。 [来源:Z,xx,k.Com]

199.home (熟义:家)

The cars are made for the home market.adj.本国的,国内的

200.hold v.容纳(熟义:握;拿;举行)

The case can hold all my clothes.这个箱子可以装得下我所有的衣服。

His promise still holds. vi. 有效,适用

201.hold on(熟义:别挂断;等一等)

They didn t know if they would be able to hold on until help arrived.继续坚持做(难做之事)译:他们不知道能否坚持到援军到达之时。

202.hold out(熟义:伸出)

The people of Hechuan held out for 36 years on the Fishing Castle.够用;坚持(抵抗)合川人民在 钓鱼城坚持抵抗达36年之久。

203. hit 熟义:v. 击中,打击

The film Hero is quite a hit of this year. n.成功,红极一时的人或事

204. hot 熟义:adj. 炎热的

We re waiting for the hot news on the election results. adj. 最新的

205. hunt 熟义:v. 猎杀,追猎

Please hunt the cat away from he garden. vt.驱赶


206.if conj.即使;虽然(熟义:如果)

If she is poor,she is honest.虽然她穷,但她诚实。

207. ill 熟义:adj. 生病的

It s no good speaking ill of others. adj/adv 坏的/地

208. industry n.努力,勤勉(熟义:工业)

His success was due to industry.他的成功是由于他工作努力。

209. immediate 熟义:adj. 立刻的,即时的

Is there a post office in the immediate neighbourhood? adj. 最接近的

210. industry 熟义:n. 工业;产业

His success was due to industry. n. 努力;勤勉

211. instead of不仅没有……反而(熟义:代替)

Instead of disturbing her,the news had a strangely calm effect.这个消息传来,不仅没有使她心神不安,反而使她非常镇静。

212.institute vt.建立(机构、制度等);开始;开始执行(熟义:学院、研究所)

The government instituted a consumer protection agency.政府建立了消费者保护协会。

213.instruct v.教,训练(熟义:命令,指示)

I instruct you in English.=I teach you English.

214. intelligence  熟义:n. 智力,脑力

Scientist manage to get important intelligence thanks to satellite. n. 情报,信息(尤其指有军事价值的)

215.interest n.利益;利息;股份;同业者(熟义:兴趣)

Don t look after your own interests.不要只顾自己的利益。

It s in/to your interest(s)to work hard.努力工作对你有利。

I have an interest in the company.我在公司有股份。

Our family has interest in the business. n.利益,股份

216.disinterested adj.公正无私的(勿望文生义)

His action was not altogether disinterested.他的行为不完全公正。

217.introduce v.以……开始(熟义:介绍、引进)

He introduced his speech with a joke.他的演讲以一个笑话开始。

The company is introducing a new family saloon this year. v.初次投入使用或运作,采用

He introduced his speech with a joke. v. 以… 开始

218. invent 熟义:v. 发明

He invented an excuse for his being late. v. 捏造,虚构

219.invite v.招引,吸引(熟义:邀请)

Don t leave the windows open—-it s inviting thieves to enter.不要把窗户打开了——这个要招贼来。


Mother is ironing my shirt with an electric iron.妈妈用电熨斗在给我熨衬衣。

221. identify 熟义:v. 鉴定,说明身份

One can t identify happiness with wealth. v.认为某事物等同于

222. indicate  熟义: v 表明,显示

I indicated that his help was not welcome. v. 暗示;间接提及;示意

223.inspire 熟义:v. 激励;鼓舞

His best music was inspired by the memory of his mother. v. 启发

224. institution 熟义:n. 机构

Giving presents on Christmas is an institution. n.由来已久的风俗习惯;制度

225. impress 熟义:v 给…留下印象

He impressed the importance of their work on them. v. 使意识到(重要性或严重性)


226. jam  熟义: 果酱

He jammed four apples in his pocket. vt.塞进

The accident jammed the main road for 2 hours. vt.堵塞

The are traffic jams every day on this road. n.堵塞

227.jacket n.(动物的)毛皮;马铃薯皮,公文套(熟义:短上衣)

He doesn t like eating potatoes boiled in their jackets.他不喜欢吃连皮煮的马铃薯。

He jammed four apples in his pocket.他往衣袋里塞了四个苹果。

The accident jammed the main road for three hours.这次事故使交通堵塞达三小时之久。

There are many traffic jams in Chongqing.重庆经常塞车。

228.Jar vt./vi.发出刺耳声,剧烈震动,刺激(熟义:n.罐子)

Their loud voices jar on my nerves.他们高声尖叫,刺激了我的神经(使我听了很不舒服)。

I fell from the tree and jarred my back.我从树上摔了下来,震疼了我的背。

229.job  n.费力的事情 vt.做零工,做股票经纪;假公济私;承包(熟义:工作)

Waxing the car was quite a job.给小汽车打蜡真费事。

He jobbed his son into the position.他利用职权把儿子安排到那职位上去了。

Removing the table is quite a job. n.费力的事

He jobbed his son into the position. vt.做零工;假公济私

230.Jump  n.&vi.(大幅度)上涨(熟义:跳)

Last week the price of goods jumped.上周物价急剧上涨。

231. just 熟义:adv. 正好;恰好

You are a just person. adj.公正的


232.keep vt.(熟义:保持,保留)

Her grandfather kept a hair dresser s shop.vt. 经营,管理

She kept her sister s children.vt. 照顾

He needs more money to keep his wife and children.vt. 养活

———Do you sell school things?有文具卖吗?

———Sorry,but we don t keep them.vt.  售卖

Everyone must keep the law.vt.  遵守

We keep the Spring Festival at home.vt. 庆祝(译:我们在家过春节)

Your coffee shop seems to be well kept. vt.经营;开设

233.key  n.&adj.关键(的),关键性的人物(熟义:钥匙,答案)

The key factor in their success is hard work.他们成功的关键因素是努力工作。

234.kick n.劲头,味道,乐趣(熟义:踢)

The swimmer has a strong kick.游泳运动员兴致勃勃。

She gets a kick out of driving a car at high speed.驾驶汽车飞奔,她感到很刺激。

235. kid  熟义:v.小孩

Take it easy. I m just kidding. v. 开玩笑;欺骗

236.kill vt.删掉,除掉,关掉,使笑/痛得要死,使难受之极;消磨(熟义:杀)

It kills him to admit he is wrong.他承认他错了时,难受得很。

His joke killed the audience.他的笑话使听众笑得死去活来。

The guy fools around all day long, killing time. v.消磨(时间)

237.knock vt.批评,说……不好(熟义:敲,打)

The critics knocked his latest play.评论家抨击了他最近的戏剧。

238.know vt.辨认,经历(熟义:知道,认识)

I don t know Miss Green from Miss Smith.我区分不出格林小姐和史密斯小姐。

Those who have not known hunger can never imagine how it feels.没有挨过饿的人永远也想象不出挨饿是什么滋味。

He is always quick to know his friends and enemies. vt. 辨别,认出


239.labour vi.费力地行走,干苦活(熟义:劳动)

They laboured through the thick forest and up the steep hill.他们艰难地穿行于茂密的森林,攀登于峻峭的山岭。

240.land  熟义:vi. 登陆,降落

He landed a contract for building a factory. vt. 获得

241.at large  逍遥自在地,逍遥法外;详尽地;普遍地;随便地(勿望文生义)

The suspect is still at large.嫌疑犯仍逍遥法外。

Boys at large like games.一般说来,男孩喜欢运动。

242.last adj.最不可能的v.延续,够用(多久)(熟义:最后的)

He is the last person to tell a lie.他极不可能说谎。

Her holidays were to last six weeks.她的假有六周。

The food will last(us)(for)three weeks.这些粮食可够(我们)吃三周。

He is the last man I want to see.  adj. 最后的(最不想见的)

243.late adj.已故的,前任的,最新的(熟义:迟到的,晚的)

She was an admirer of the late president.她崇拜前总统。

She missed her late husband very much.  adj. 已故的

244.lay vt.向……提出;制定;生(蛋)(熟义:放,摆设)

The prisoner laid an escape plan.那囚犯制定了一个越狱计划。

It s laid down in the Act that women and men have the equal rights.法案规定男女享受平等的权利。

The foundations of the house are being laid today. v. 铺,铺设

245.learn v.听到,获悉(熟义:学习)

I learned of that yesterday.我昨天才得知此事。

246.lecture n.&v.训斥,教训(批评) (熟义:演讲)

My father gave me a lecture for smoking.因为吸烟我爸爸训斥了我一通。

Do stop lecturing me. v.训斥,教训

247.lead vt.致使n.铅(熟义:领导,引导,通向)

What led you to think so?是什么使你这样想呢?

248.lesson n.教训(不悦的经历)(熟义:课)

Pear Harbor was a painful lesson for the US.珍珠港事件对美国来说是一次痛苦的教训。

249. level 熟义:n. 水平,水平线,强度

Not all the parts of our life long journey are level. adj.水平的,平坦的,同一水准的

250. let 熟义:v. 让

The couple decided to let off the smaller flat at a lower price. v. 出租


251.let down 辜负,使失望(熟义:放下来)

He said he would be here by 12o’clock, but he let us down.


252.let out 泄露(机密);发出(声);出租(熟义:让出去)

I’ll never tell you another secret if you let this one out.如果你把这个秘密说出去了,我再也不告诉你第二个秘密了。

253.liberal adj.慷慨的,丰盛的(熟义:开明的,自由的)

He is liberal with his money.他用钱大方。

My father gave a liberal amount of money each week.我老爸每周都要给我一大笔钱

254. library  熟义:n. 图书馆

Pro. Lin has a large library of books. n.收藏,收藏量

255.life n.活力,劲头(熟义:生活)

The children are full of life.这些孩子们充满了活力。

256.not on your life 无论如何也不(勿望文生义)

“Do you appreciate it?”“Not on your life.”你喜欢它吗?一点也不喜欢。

257.can’t for the life of me 即使要我的命也不能(勿望文生义)

I can’t for the life of me see why you are so annoyed.我无论如何也不明白你为什么这么生气。

258.lift (熟义:电梯)

Can you give me a lift to the station? n.搭便车

His report gave us a great lift.n. 鼓舞

259.lift v.消散(熟义:举起)

Jan’s depression seemed to be lifting at last.吉安总算没有失望的情绪了。

260. light 熟义:n. 光亮

It’s beginning to get light. adj. 有光亮的,明亮的,充满自然光的

261. lively  熟义:adj. 生动活泼的

The room is lively with children singing and dancing. adj. 生气勃勃的

262. lose 熟义:v. 失去,丢失

Please hurry! My watch loses 10 minutes. vi.钟表慢(与gain 快)相对

263. lot 熟义:量,批

It is difficult for us to find a parking lot outside some shopping centres. n.作某种用途的场地

264.in a…light  以……目光,对……有……看法(勿望文生义)

There was Brian,pushing the pram,and I suddenly saw him in a new light.那就是布莱恩,推着童车,突然间我对他有了新的认识。

265.see the light一下子明白,开窍;问世(勿望文生义)

He explained his reason and then I saw the light.他解释原因后,我一下子就明白了。

266. light  adj.轻浮的,灵巧的 v.开朗起来(熟义:adj.亮的,浅色的,轻的;v.燃)

A smile lit up her face.她脸上露出了喜悦的笑容。

267.list v. 入 (熟义:n.清单)

Mother listed the items she wanted to buy.妈妈开出了购物清单。

268.live through 经历(而活下来)    (勿望文生义)

He lived through the 1961 famine.他经历了1961年的饥荒。

269.live up to 使行为和…相符

The WTO can not live up to its name if it does not include a country that is home to one fifth of mankind.如果WTO不包括一个占世界人口五分之一的国家,那就名不副实。

270.live with 接受(某局面,事实等)

You must live with the fact that you are no longer as active as you were .


271.lock 挽在一起,互相揪/扭在一起(熟义:锁)

They were locked in each other’s arms.他们抱成一团。

272.in the long run 长远来说, 最后(勿望文生义

It is difficult to save money now, but it is worth it in the long run. 现在存钱很困难,但从长远来讲是值得的。

273.as/so long as 只要( 熟义:与……一样长)

You can go out to play as long as you stay in the back yard.只要是呆在后院,你就可以出去玩。

274.long  v.渴望(熟义:长,久 )

He longd to read the novel by Qiong Yao.他极想读琼瑶的小说。

275.look up 看望,拜访;好转,改善(熟义:向上看,查阅)

Look me up next time you are in Beiing.下次到北京时,来看我。

276.look up to 尊敬(勿望文生义)

School boys usually look up to football players.学生通常都很崇拜足球运动员。

277.look n. 表情,外貌, 美貌(熟义:看

She kept her looks even in her old age. 即使上了年纪,她仍然风韵犹存。

278.be lost 不知如何是好(熟义:被丢失

He is lost without his wife.没有妻子在,他就茫然不知所措。

279.be lost in =lose oneself in 聚精会神于,迷上,陷入(熟义:消在…中) He is lost in thought/the book. 他陷入沉思/他聚精会神地啃那本书。


280. marry 熟义:v. 结婚,与某人结婚

This poem marries theme and style well. v. 使紧密结合,使混为一体

281. be mad about 特别喜欢(勿望文生义)

Some girls are mad about going to dances.有些女孩特别喜欢跳舞。

282. major n.主修课,主修…的学生, v.主修(熟义: adj. 主要的,重大的)   I majored in English.我主修英语。

283. make 成为,等于,搭上(车,船) 赶上(会议等),到达,走了(路程)(熟义: 成;使 )

She will make a good wife and mother.她将成为贤妻良母。

We at last made the party because we made the station on time and made the train.因为我们按时到达了车站,赶上了火车,所以我们最终赶上了这次晚会。

284. make a difference有关系,有影响(勿望文生义

It does not make a bit of difference if you are late for my party.如果参加我的晚会来迟到了,没有一点关系。

285. make a hit 很成功,很受欢迎(勿望文生义)

Alice was so happy that her boy friend made a hit with her parents.艾丽斯很高兴,因为男朋友很受父母亲的喜爱。

286. make believe 假装(勿望文生义)

The little girl made believe she was a princess.这小女孩假装她是公主。

287. make do with凑合用(吃) (勿望文生义)

He did not have a hammer, and he had to make do with a heavy rock.他没有锤子,只好用一块石头凑合着用。

288. make good 实现(诺言),赔偿,改过自新,有出息 (勿望文生义)

All the damage has been made good.所有损失都已赔偿。

289.make it 按时到达某地;成功(勿望文生义)

You can make it if you hurry.如果赶快点,你会按时到达的。

290.make of 对……有看法 (熟义:由……制成)

What do you make of what he said?你对他的话有什么看法?

291. make out 理解,看出,进展,装出(熟义:开出发票等)

I can not make out his ideas.我不明白他的意思。

How are you making out with Mary?你与玛丽相处得如何?

He made out that he had not done it.他装出他没做此事的样子。

292.make up 和解,构成,弥补 (熟义:编造)

They quarreled, but made up after a while.他们吵了架,但不久就言归于好了。

We must make up the work we missed.我们必须把没有做的工作补回来。

Farmers make up 80 percent of the population of China.农民占中国人口的80%。(用被动时加of )

293. make up one’s mind 断言(熟义:决定,下决心

He made up his mind that the people had to leave because they had cut down all

the trees.他断言,那些人因为砍光了树木而必须得离开。

294.mass (复数) 群众 (熟义:一堆,大量)

The masses are true makers of history.群众才是真正的历史创造者。

295.match n.和……相比的人,对手 vt.匹配,是……的对手(熟义:比赛,火柴)

No one can match him in English.在英语方面谁也比不上他。

296.mean 有……意图,打算(熟义:意思是)

I had meant to go on Monday but have stayed on.我本来打算星期一走的但还是留下来了。

It’s mean of you to eat up all the apples.adj.自私的,卑鄙的,吝啬的

297. by no means完全不(勿望文生义)

He is by no means stupid.他绝不笨。

298. measure n.措施(可数) (熟义:量……的尺寸)

What measures were taken to prevent fires?预防火灾采取了什么措施?

299. meet v.满足(要求),符合(要求),应付(熟义:碰头,迎接)

I could not meet the bills this month.这个月我入不敷出。

300. message 熟义:n. 信息,口信

I’d like to see a film with a message. n.教益;寓意

301. might 熟义:或许

I sue all my might to open the door. n.力量,权威

302. mind v.当心,注意{熟义:介意;心(思)}

Mind your head!当心!不要碰着头了。

303. minute 熟义:n. 分钟

They held a minute inspection of the grounds. adj.微小的,详细的,仔细而准确的。

Please read through the minutes first. n.会议记录

304. mix 熟义:vt 混合

He mixes very little with his wife’s friends. vt.交往,来往

305. monitor  n. v.监控(器),(电脑)显示器(熟义:班长)

The Police had monitored all of his phone calls.警察暗中监听了他打的所有电话。

306. no more…than… 比……更不,非常不(勿望文生义)

He is no more fit to be a minister than a schoolboy would be.他根本不适合当部长,连小学生都不如。

307. move  v.使感动;提议(熟义:移动)

Even Father was deeply moved.连父亲都感动了。

I move that we accept the proposal.我提议我们接受这个建议。

308.multiply 熟义:v . 乘;繁殖

We can multiply our chances of success. v. 成倍增加;迅速增加


309. narrowly adv.差点儿没;仔细地(勿望文生义)

One car went too fast and narrowly missed hitting the other one.一辆车开得太快险些撞到另一辆车

310.come near to 差一点就(勿望文生义)

She came near to killing him.她差点儿置他于死地。

311. nobody n.小人物(熟义:没有人)

“I want to be famous!I am tired of being a nobody,” he said.他说他讨厌做无名小卒。

312.look down one’s nose at 看不起(勿望文生义)

The Turners always look down theirnoses at their neighbours.特纳家总看不起邻居。

313. note 熟义:n. 笔记

Learn the notes by heart. n. 台词

I noticed that her hands were dirty. v.注意到

314 novel. 熟义:小说

Job-sharing is still a novel concept and it will take a while for employers to get used to it. adj. 新颖的


315. object v.反对(熟义:宾语;物件)

They objected to leaving school and going to work.他们反对辍学去工作。

316. occur v. 被想到(熟义:发生)

It did not occur to me that you would object.我没想到你会反对。

317. be well/ badly off经济状况好/坏(勿望文生义)

He is well off, it appears, and willing to work for nothing.似乎他很富裕,愿意白干。

318. good offices 帮忙,斡旋(勿望文生义)

Through the good offices of a friend, I was able to get a ticket.在朋友的帮助下,我才弄到一票。

319. take office就职(勿望文生义)

She took office at a difficult time.她就职于困难时期。

320. be well on in/into很晚(勿望文生义)

Although it was well on in the evening,we decided to try our luck at fishing again.尽管很晚了,但我们仍决定撒一网碰一下运气。

321.at once同时;既,又(熟义:马上)

Don’t all speak at once! One at a time.不要一起讲!一个一个地讲。

She is at once clever and modest.她既聪明又端庄。

322. open  熟义:v.开  adj. 开着;打开的

They left the matter open. adj.(问题,议事等)未解决的

323. operate vi.运转,起作用 vt.经营(熟义:动手术)

The medicine began to operate at once.药立刻开始见效。

324. order v.定购 n.顺序 (熟义:命令) [来源:学|科|网]

Have you ordered your meal?点菜了吗?

325. otherwise  熟义:adv. 否则;要不然

You know what it is about. Why do you pretend otherwise? adv.在其他方面

326. outgoing 熟义:adj. 爱交际的;友好的;外向的

The outgoing president Bush attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. adj.将卸任的;将离职的

327. outspoken 熟义:adj. 直率的;坦诚的

She was very outspoken about her wish to be married. adj.直言不讳的

328. outstanding 熟义:adj.优秀的,杰出的

Some of the work is still outstanding. adj.(款项,工作,困难等)未支付的;未完成的;未决的

329. own 熟义:vt. 拥有

He owned the child as his daughter. vt 承认


330.pack v.包装;收拾行李;挤满(熟义:包)

You go and pack your things.你去收拾行李吧。

331. paragraph 熟义:n. 段落

There is a paragraph about the accident in the local newspaper. n.报纸上短篇报道

332.park v.停车;放置n.停车场(熟义:公园)

A car park is a place where you may park your car.停车场就是停车的地方。

333.part n.(熟义:零件;角色,部分)

I hope we’ll never part.但愿我们永远不分离(v.分手/离;放弃;卖掉)

In order to raise money,he had to part with some of his most treasured possessions.为了筹款,他不得不卖掉一些最珍贵的财产。

334. party  熟义:n. 党派;聚会

The solution is acceptable to both parties. n.契约或争论的双方

335.playa...part in...起……作用(勿望文生义)

The women played an important part in the task.妇女在这次任务中起了重要作用。

336.take part in...参与;起……作用(勿望文生义)

I once took part with him in a debate.我曾经与他进行过辩论。

337.pass v.经过;通过;过去;度过n.传球;通行证;关口(熟义:递给)

You must pass your pass to him at the pass or you can’t pass your summer holidays there.在关口你必须把通行证递给他,否则,你无法去那儿度暑假。

I have no idea what passed in my absence. vi.发生,产生

338.bring...to pass  vt.使发生(come to pass vi.发生)(勿望文生义)

His wife’s death brought a change to pass in his attitude toward religion.他妻子的死使他改变了对宗教的态度。

339.passage  n. 通道;走廊;通过(熟义:文章)

The house has an underground passage.房子有地下通道。

340.patient adj.耐心的(熟义:n.病人)

Just be patient.I think you’re next.耐心点!下个就是你了。

341.pay (熟义:付款)

He says farming doesn’t pay.他说做农活划不来。(vi.合算)

342. peach 熟义:n. 桃子

He has peached me and all the others to save his life. vt.告发 vi. 告密

343.perform v.履行;执行(熟义:表演)

Perform your promise.请说话算数。

The doctor performed the operation.医生做了手术。

344.in person亲自(勿望文生义)

You can complain to the manager in per- son.你可以亲自去向经理投诉。

345.physical 身体的;物质的;自然的(熟义:物理的)

We should help the people with mental or physical disabilities.我们应该帮助那些心理或生理上有缺陷的人。

346.picture n.形象;样子;描绘;美如画v.描绘;想像(熟义:图片)

Can you form a picture in your mind of what I pictured to you?你能想像得出我所描述的东西吗?

347. pick up 熟义:拾起,捡起;偶然发现;弄到手;听到,得到(情报,知识);康复,增加(速度)

Train picked up the timber workers working in the forest farm every day. 用车接人

348.pilot adj.试验性的v.带领(熟义:飞行员)

If the pilot survey goes well,we’ll go into full production.如果试产顺利,我们将面推广。

349.place n.职位;地位;(第……)名v.放置;安排职位(熟义:地方)

She found a place in a store.她在商店找到个工作。

350.take place  vi. 发生(勿望文生义)

The wedding will take place next week.婚礼将在下周举行。

351.take the place of=take one’s place接替(注意与上条的区别)

My brother is ill and I’ve come to take his place.我哥病了,我来接替他的工作。

352.in place 在本来的地方;适当(勿望文生义)

I hope you left all the books in the library in place.希望你把图书馆的书放在应放置。

353.in place of=instead of而不是(勿望文生义)

We use chopsticks in place of knives and forks.我们用筷子而不用刀叉。

354.in the place of=in one’s place处于……的情况;代替

What would you do in my place?如果你处于我的情况,你怎么办?

355.plane n.水平;平面adj.平的(熟义:飞机)

This species has reached a higher plane of development.这一种属已达更高的阶段.

356. plant 熟义:n. 植物;工厂

My parents planted a garden at the foot of the hill. vt.种植,栽种某物

357. platform 熟义:n. 平台;讲台;站台

The platform of the new party attaches great importance to environmental protection. n. 纲领;宣言

358.please  v.(使)高兴;愿意(熟义:请)

She does what she pleases.她想做啥就做啥。

359.with pleasure 可以(用于客气的答语中)(熟义:高兴地,高兴得)

“Could you put me up tonight?”“With pleasure.”今晚您能为我提供住宿吗?“没题。”

360.pocket vt.侵吞;赚得(熟义:n.衣袋v.把……放入衣袋)

It’s simple—we buy them for $5,sell them for $8,and we pocket the difference.


361. policy 熟义:n. 政策

He took out a fire insurance policy for his house. n.保险单,保险凭证

362. polish 熟义:vt. 擦亮;磨光

His essay needs polishing. vt.润色

363. pool 熟义:n. 水池;水塘

If we pool the idea,we may find a better solution to the problem. v. 集中使用

364.practically adv.几乎,确实(熟义:实际上,从实际出发)

The hall was practically empty.大厅简直空空如也。

365.practice n.惯例,习俗(熟义:实践;练习)

According to the international practice,he shall be punished.根据国际惯例,他必须受罚。

366. position 熟义:n.位置;职位

What’s your position on the problem. n.立场;观点

367. possess 熟义:vt. 拥有

A violent anger possessed him. vt.(感情,情绪等)支配;控制

368. pound 熟义:n. 磅;英镑

No one can stand continuous pounding on the head. n.猛击;连续重击

369.present vt.介绍;赠送(熟义:n.礼物adj.现在的;到场的)

On Teachers’Day,students usually present flowers to the teachers.教师节学生通常给老师献花。

370.press 熟义:v. 压

He pressed her guests to stay a little longer. vt.劝说

371.promise v.有希望;可能会有(熟义:答应)

The dark clouds promise rain.乌云密布,看来要下雨。

372.no problem愿意干;不用谢;没关系(熟义:没困难)

“Could you help me?”“No problem.”“帮我一下好吗?”“当然可以!”

373. previous 熟义:adj. 先前的,以往的

He died previous to my arrival. adj.时间上稍前的

374. produce 熟义:v. 生产

Please produce your ticket for inspection. v. 拿出;出示

375. promise 熟义:v/n 许诺

The dark clouds promise rain. v.有…的希望;使…有可能

376. pronounced 熟义:v.发音

The judge pronounced against her appeal. v.判决;宣布;宣称

377.put away存储;打消;吃掉(熟义:收起来放好)

He puts a little away every week for his grandson.他每周都为孙子存一点钱。

378.put down写下;镇压;让……下车(熟义:放下)

The bus stopped to put down the passengers.公共汽车停下来,让乘客下车。


Could you put me up for the night? put up(留……)住宿


380.out of the question不可能;不允许(勿望文生义)

Without a passport,leaving the country is out of the question.无护照要出国是不可能的。


381. race 熟义:vt. 和…比赛 n. 赛跑

Race to see what is happening. v.快速移动;快速运转

382.raise  饲养;种植;引起;招募(熟义:举起,提高)

The farmer raises cows and corn.这个农民又种玉米又养牛。

383. rate 熟义:n. 比率;速度

These potatoes rate among the best. v.对…做出评价;被评价为;被认为

384.rather than而不是,宁愿……也不愿……

Rather than cause trouble,he left.他宁愿离去,也不愿自找麻烦。

385.or rather更确切地(勿望文生义)

He worked till late last night,or rather, early this morning.他一直工作到深夜,或者更确切地说,工作到今天凌晨。

386. raw 熟义:adj 材料未加工的

These fish are often eaten raw. adj.(食物等)生的,未煮的

387.reach v.伸出(手、脚等);与……取得联系(熟义:到达)

I couldn’t reach him by phone this morning.早晨我给他打电话打不通。

388. read 熟义:v. 阅读

I didn’t read mother’s thoughts at that time. v.理解;领会


He realized the house.他卖了房子得到了现钱。

390. receipt 熟义:n. 收据,收条

I will pay the money on receipt of the goods. n.接收,收到

391. recover 熟义:v. 恢复健康,痊愈

He almost fell, but succeeded in recovering himself. v.恢复;重新控制

392.refer to查阅;归功于(熟义:指的是;提到)

The speaker often refers to his notes.发言的人经常看讲稿。

393. reflect 熟义:vt. 映出;反射;表现

I need time to reflect on your offer. v.沉思,思考 (与on/upon 连用)

394. refresh 熟义:vt 使恢复精力

Her words refreshed my memory. vt.提醒,提示,使想起


The hostess served refreshments after the tennis match.网球比赛后,女主人端来了茶点。

396. relate 熟义:v. 与…有关;相关

I related my adventure to my family. v. 讲述

397. religion  熟义:n. 宗教

Tennis is a religion with John. n.特别的兴趣

398.remain  v.(继续)保持;(继续)存在(熟义:剩下)

The door remains closed.门还是关着的。


Please remember the waiter.(v.记得给小费)记住给服务员小费。

400. remote 熟义:adj. 偏远的,偏僻的

He is a remote relative of mine. adj.关系较远的,远亲的

401. repair 熟义:v/n 修理

How can I repair the damage I have caused? v.补救,弥补

402. rest 熟义:v/n  休息

She rested her head on his shoulder. v. 把…靠在…上

Its success rested on the labour of half a million slaves. v. 依靠,依赖

403. respect 熟义:v/n 尊敬;敬意

He has no respect for the feelings of others. n. 重视;尊重;维护

404.result in引起(注:result from因……而产生)

The accident resulted in three deaths.这起事故导致了三人死亡。

405.return n来回车票(熟义:回来;归还)

Do you want a single or a return?你只买去的车票还是来回车票都买?

406. review 熟义:vt 复习

She reviewed what had happened. vt.回顾

407. round  熟义:prep/adv  环绕,围着;圆形的

We are losing the game in the last round due to our complacency.  n. 回合,局;轮,场

408.run v.竞选;运转;管理;用车送;褪色(熟义:跑)

Teach me how to run the business.教我怎样做买卖吧。

A bright idea ran through my mind.  v. 快速移动

409.run out(of...)用完(熟义:从……跑出去)


410. safe  熟义:adj. 安全的

He is a safe man. You can count on him. adj. 谨慎的,不冒险的

411.the salt of the earth非常正派、诚实的人(勿望文生义)

Your grandmother is the salt of the earth.你祖母是个很诚实的人。

412.at the same time尽管如此;但是(熟义:同时)

It cost a lot of money.At the same time,I think we shall need it and it will certainly be useful.它很贵,但是,我认为我们需要它,它肯定有用。

413.satisfy (熟义:使满意)

The cold water satisfied our thirst.我们喝了凉水就不口渴了。

He satisfied me that he could do the work well.他使我相信他能把这工作做好。

She satisfied her hunger with an apple. v.满足要求或需要

414.save  v.节省;储蓄;留给(某人);除了(熟义:挽救)

They are saving for a house.他们在存钱买房子。

Will you save me a seat on the bus?在公共汽车上给我留个座,好吗?

415.You said it!我同意你的意见(勿望文生义)

—Let’s go home.咱们回家吧!

—You said it.I’m too tired now.好吧。我也太累了。

416. say  熟义:vt 说

Say that war breaks out, what will you do? vt.假定

Her passport says he is nineteen. vt.(书面材料或可见的东西)提供信息,指示

417.scene 吵架(熟义:风景,场景)

If you don’t sit down and stop making a scene,I’m leaving.如果你不坐下来,还要吵的话,我就走了。

418. scholarship  熟义:n. 奖学金

A writer with great scholarship can achieve great success. n.学问,学识;学术成就

419.screen n.纱窗;筛子vt.保护(熟义:屏幕)

The curtain screened out sunlight.帘子遮挡阳光。

420. second  熟义:第二

Mrs. Smith proposed the vote of thanks, and Mr. Jones seconded. v. 随声附和

He raised a proposal that is seconded by few. v.赞成

421.see vt.(在某段时期)发生/经历/经受(熟义:看见)

The next years saw a series of bad harvests.以后几年,收成都不好。

This century has seen too many wars. vt.经历;有…的经验;体验

422.see out(耐着性子)进行到底(熟义:送某人出门)

I don’t like the course but I’ll see it out.我不喜欢这门课程,但是我还是耐着性子把它学完了。

423.see to处理;负责(做);照顾(勿望文生义)

I’ll have to see to the window—the wood is rotten.我得弄一下这窗户———这木头都烂了。

424.seeing conj.既然;考虑到(勿望文生义)

We could have a joint party ,seeing(that)your birthday is the same day as mine.既然你我两人一天生,那么我们就联合起来开个晚会吧。

425. seize  熟义:vt. 抓住;强夺

I couldn’t seize the meaning of his remarks. vt.掌握,把握

426.set (熟义:adj.确定的;v.放置;确定;n.一套)

Are you all set for the journey?adj.准备好;可能 (你们都为这次旅行准备好了吗?)

She is having her hair set for the party. v.做头发

427.shall   aux.v.(在官方文件中用)表示“规定”(熟义:将)

All payments shall be made by the end of the year.所有帐目务必在年底付清。

428. sharp  熟义:adj. 锋利的,锐利的

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. adj.剧烈的,猛烈的

429. shoot  熟义:v. 射中,射击

The trees give out new shoots in spring. n.嫩芽,新枝

430.shoot up   迅速增长(勿望文生义)

Your son’s really shot up since we last saw him.从我们上次见到他之后,你儿子像射箭一般地长高了许多。

431.a big shot 重要人物(勿望文生义)

His father is a big shot in the steel industry.是钢铁工业部门重要人物。

432. shoulder 熟义:n. 肩膀

Young people should learn to shoulder the duty/blame. vt.承担

433. simply  熟义:adv. 仅仅;只不过

It is simply wonderful to see you! adv.(强调某说法)确实,简直

434. sink  熟义:v. 下沉;沉没

Price are sinking slowly. v.下降,降低

435.somebody pron.有一定地位的人物(熟义:某人)

He is somebody in his town but he is nobody here.在他所在的镇他是个赫赫有名的人物,但在这儿就算不了什么人物了。

436. somehow adv.也不知道是什么原由;不知道怎么搞的(熟义:以某种方式)

Somehow he is afraid of her.不知道是怎么的,他害怕她。

437.something of 可以说是一个(勿望文生义)

He is something of a liar.他不太老实。

438.the life and soul关键人物;中心人物(勿望文生义)

He’s such a good joke teller;he is the life and soul of any party.他很会讲笑话,他在任何晚会上都是中心人物。


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